Pots, Pepper, Charcoal and Bread (eConference)

The workshop and conference “Pots, Pepper, Charcoal and Bread. The Material Economy of the Eastern Desert in the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods” will be held virtually from October 11-15, 2021

The eConference is organised by Darcy Hackley (darcy.hackley@mom.fr) and Jennifer Gates-Foster (jgatesfoster@unc.edu). It is a collaboration between the Department of Classics of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Desert Networks project, hosted by the CNRS at the HiSoMA laboratory (Lyon, France). 

The purpose of this workshop is to create an analytical framework for understanding the complex and interconnected economies of the Ptolemaic and Roman Eastern Desert in their geographical, social, and material contexts. In recent decades, major survey and excavation projects have produced vast quantities of textual and material data that have reshaped our understanding of the broader economy of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, while also raising new questions about ancient institutions, material practices, and the role of different kinds of evidence in our assessment of the history of the Eastern Desert over the long term.

The following themes and topics will be explored:

Session 1: Quantifying the desert economy

Session 2: Material itineraries

Session 3: Economic networks

Session 4: Journeying and the economy of movement

Session 5: Economic diversity in the Graeco-Roman period in comparative perspective

Conference website: https://materialeconomy.sciencesconf.org/

Call for Papers: https://desertnetworks.hypotheses.org/1083

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